• Construction of various biomass combustion equipments ( fuel: logs, scobs, sawdust...)
  • Reconstruction of boiler room SLP Zvolen-Lieskovec, construction of new biomass boiler room, boiler KARA 500 kW, KARA ENERGI SYSTEMS B.V., E.Stegeman Nederland – School forest company of Technical University Zvolen in cooperation with TU, Faculty of environmental and production technologies Zvolen – transfer in presence of Dutch Embassy
  • Construction of many solar equipments NEFIT and VIESSMANN for central heating and warming up of household water
  • Warming up of household water and support of central heating with solar equipment in one object in Ždiar in combination with biomass combustion ( logs )
  • Warming up of household water and central heating with biomass in an object in Bratislava
  • Central heating assured by electric boilers EKOBAD in combination with biomass combustion
  • 1st realization of support of floor heating by solar heating of high technology VIESSMANN in Slovakia after warming up of household water in the own object in Banska Bystrica – several years, every month statistical observation of costs and energy consumption in an object with combination: solar warming up of household water and floor central heating, radiator central heating with thermostating, natural gas condensating boiler VITOCROSSAL 333, warm air from warm-air fireplace STEKO with distributors in the object
  • Construction of many boiler rooms with boilers VERNER, PYROS, ATMOS and RIKOTHERM ( solid fuel and
    pyrolysis ) in many parts of Slovakia
  • Construction of many warm-water and warm-air fireplaces in Slovakia
  • 1st realization of steel boiler EkoKomfort, the smallest performance 18 kW, in Slovakia, in a living house, Mr. Baja, Horna Micina, automatic system of feeding and fuel combustion, so far without warming of household water, in the winter, it's enough to refill the fuel cartridge once in 1-3 days, in the summer when warming the household water, it will be only once in 3-4 days; pictures are in the section Alternative energy sources


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