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Mobile boiler rooms and power stations CONUS
Here or on the left choose your mobile boiler room or power station CONUS !
Warm-water heating and steam heating - for all media: natural gas, propane, oil, solid fuel, biomass
The best and the healthiest Finnish and Canadian WOODEN HOUSES and WOODEN CONSTRUCTIONS in the world - over 1 300 basic types

"100 years of love"

They are the great investment and the best pension insurance -
the minimal maintenance and operational costs for many generations !

Here or on the left choose your house or project from wooden houses and wooden constructions
CONUS I - IV from Finland and Canada !


"100 rokov lásky"



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As the only company in Slovakia ( Ing. Jaroslav Šiška - CONUS ), we succeeded to get among final 8 from 120 companies from Czech and Slovak republic who applied for the prize “The excellent businessman of the year 1993”. We consider it as an important recognition of our work because people like the big businessman Tomas John Bata, the President Vaclav Havel, Minister of economy Vladimir Dlouhy, Prince Lobkowicz a.o. belonged to the main organisators and evaluators. With reference to TASR ( Press agency of Slovakia ) it was mentioned on important places of all Slovak newspapers. The history showed that this way we became the only awarded Slovak company ( after Czechoslovakia split ).

In the case of one from our complete deliveries mentioned in Registry of selected deliveries and activities accomplished by our companies, The Dutch Embassy participated in the official ceremony of handing over and in other case of delivery, where we belonged to main suppliers, The Austrian Embassy participated in the official ceremony.