• rental of mobile boiler rooms CONUS
  • sale of mobile boiler rooms CONUS
  • supply and construction of mobile boiler rooms CONUS – of low and of highest power according to requirements


  • gas warm-water        - standard power   50 kW till 6 000 kW ( natural gas, propane, biogas ) or according to requirements
  • oil warm-water          - standard power   50 kW till 6 000 kW ( light fuel oil, extra light fuel oil, diesel ) or according to requirements
  • coal warm-water       - standard power 150 kW till    300 kW ( coal, wood pellets ) or according to requirements
  • electric warm-water  - according to requirements


  • gas steam         standard power 100 kW till 13 000 kW ( 200 kg steam / hour - 20 000 kg steam / hour ), we can offer till 
                                   26 000 kW ( 40 000 kg steam / hour ) for connection 2 boiler rooms together
  • oil steam           standard power 100 kW till 13 000 kW
  • electric steam   - according to requirements drom lowest power

We can supply an individual mobil boiler room till power 19 500 kW / 30 000 kg steam / hour. These mobil boiler rooms are not in unify module of container. They are supply in parts in an individual module containers an they are fit in one block on the site.

Mobil boiler rooms may be in throughout the power range supplied as low pressure steam or hot water mobil boiler rooms too.

According to the customer’s requirements, we can install the equipment and get it ready to run in the very short period of time, including the complete engineering activity.We offer you the following types of providing:

  • installation and after a testing period disposition to the rental ( by renting the source, an insurance of our property is a condition )
  • installation and running the sources, we issue an invoice for the operational costs and you pay directly the media costs
  • installation of the sources and providing of heat
  • long-term rental with a potential consecutive sale of the source
  • potential direct sale
  • construction of boilers of different performance, according to the requirements
  • supply of mobile boiler rooms of various power of all fuel according to requirements
  • solves extraordinary situations and instantaneous problems
  • solves planned technology repairs for any period without necessity of limiting energy services to the customer
  • solves independence from available media or unavailability of media, e.g. natural gas
  • solves independence from heat provider or from central supply of heating, this way it solves also furnisher-consumer conflicts
  • solves launching of other Technologies requiring heating source when the permanent one is not yet functionable
  • solves problems with insufficient power of own source
  • solves testing of Technologies
  • solves speed of realization ( use by renovations, temporary or permanently by new constructions )
  • solves lack of finances ( leasing, rental, etc. )
  • solves and offers better possibilities to exploit investments,, that can be used elsewhere than in the energetic sources
  • solves lack of space
  • solves everything as stationary heating sources and serves also as permanent heating source for any period
  • solves potential future sale of area or real estate and vendor can move out with fully functionable heating sources that can spare them other large investments



We offer you a complex solution for heating of industrial objects, houses or whole settlements with mobile boilers – mobile sources of heat with different performances. Suitable also for apartment proprietors, for individual living houses that are not interested in central heating supply or for groups of houses as local lowcost central heating supply or also as a permanent source of heat in case you are worried about sudden increase of gas prices in the future.

They are suitable for local heating in the objects, connection to remote distributors or directly to interchange stations. They are suitable mainly for the reconstruction of thermal sources and distributors in the cities, for the solutions of disrepair, technological steam supply, for launching of turbines and industrial parks for heating of production halls, whole factories and as a substitute, temporary or long-term, of non-economic heating sources in former factories.

They are known under different names by customers: mobile boiler, portable boiler, packed boiler, temporary boiler, provisional boiler etc.