• solves extraordinary situations and instantaneous problems
  • solves planned technology repairs for any period without necessity of limiting energy services to the customer
  • solves independence from available media or unavailability of media, e.g. natural gas
  • solves independence from heat provider or from central supply of heating, this way it solves also furnisher-consumer conflicts
  • solves launching of other Technologies requiring heating source when the permanent one is not yet functionable
  • solves problems with insufficient power of own source
  • solves testing of Technologies
  • solves speed of realization ( use by renovations, temporary or permanently by new constructions )
  • solves lack of finances ( leasing, rental, etc. )
  • solves and offers better possibilities to exploit investments,, that can be used elsewhere than in the energetic sources
  • solves lack of space
  • solves everything as stationary heating sources and serves also as permanent heating source for any period
  • solves potential future sale of area or real estate and vendor can move out with fully functionable heating sources that can spare them other large investments


  • a natural gas
  • a propane
  • after exchange of a burner - a extra light fuel oil
  • after exchange of a burner - a light fuel oil
  • after exchange of a burner - a diesel