• Complex administration of real estate belonging to organisations, individual real estate and thermal economics:
    • Development of a project for house renovation
    • Evaluation of its state
    • Processing of the house renovation program
    • Calculating the necessary costs of the renovation
    • Projects of financial and technical solutions
    • Securing the financial means for the renovation
  • Securing the delivery of all types of energy in cooperation with SPP a.s. ( Slovak gas company ), SE a.s.
    ( Slovak electricity company ), water companies, heat suppliers, liquidators of solid municipal waste and with other service providers
  • Accounting of advance payments and accounting of costs to individual tenants
  • Technical support for buildings
  • Energetic audits and studies
  • Measures for economic efficiency of the object – optimalisation of operational costs
  • Cleaning, DDD
  • Legal counseling and payments claiming from tenants
  • Insurance
  • Plan of reparations during the operational life of individual constructions
  • Maintenance, cleaning and gardening services including the cleaning of communications and removal of snow
  • Fire prevention
  • Inspections of electric equipment including lifts and hoisting mechanisms
  • Securing utility activities – gate keepers, telephonists, …
  • All other activities necessary for the administration of the object including the ones mentioned above
  • Thermal service ( control of heat gauges, water gauges, heat distributors and their projection into costs and accounting )
  • Emergency service
  • Administration of interchange stations, boilers and other thermal sources
  • Pasportisation of thermal sources and building objects or areas
  • Records of inspections and control of inspection dates
  • Gas equipment inspection
  • Inspections and examinations of tightness ( 1st default and then periodically ) of all pressure containers
  • Inspections and examinations of tightness ( 1st default and then periodically ) of all boilers
  • Inspections of chimneys
  • Processing of boiler’s operational order
  • Other services according to agreement


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