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Solar system Nefit EcomSolar 2-120 is composed of two solar panels, solar boiler with volume 120 litres (stationary), circulating pump, TCU regulation, heat sensor in solar boiler and in collectors, expansion container, air gauge, flow meter and other montage elements. Solar collectors placed on the roof transform the solar energy to heat. They are made of copper registry in selective absorbing mass under special solar glass. The back side is insulated and covered with ABS material. The heat is carried to the warm water reservoir by a fluid circuit filled with special antifreezing liquid. TCU regulation controls the circulating pump activation. It compares the solar connector temperature with the solar boiler temperature and it activates the pump according to the predetermined temperature difference. The temperature difference is adjustable from 4 to 16 °C. The regulation also controls the maximal temperature in solar boiler. The system is set up for the maximum temperature 140 °C. At this point, balanced state between thermal looses and received energy in solar collectors occurs and the system overheating is prevented.

Solar system may be used for covering the energy needed for heating of warm household water or for heating inside the object. Usage for heating of warm household water is the most typical example for usage of solar collectors. Constant warm household water consumption during the year is advantageous for combination with solar heating source. In summer months, the energy consumption for heating of warm household water is completely covered by the solar system. In case of bad weather conditions, when the energy from solar system is not sufficient, the household water is heated also by a combined boiler, e.g. NEFIT or BERGEN.

Technical parametres:

Average energetic output of EcomSolar 4,2 GJ / year
Maximal pressure in the system 6 bar
Mass of the collector 34 kg
Collector sizes h x w x t 112 x 1134 x 2119
Collector material ABS synthetic
Absorber material copper
Absorber surface black - chrome or nickel
Absorbing coefficient α of the collector 0,92 - 0,94
Emitting coefficient ε of the collector 0,12 - 0,16
Efficient surface of the collector 2,33 x 2 = 4,66 m2
Solar boiler sizes 965 x 512 mm (120 l)
Solar boiler volume 120 litres or 300 litres
Boiler temperature adjustable from 30 to 90 °C
Expansion container plenum 1 bar, max. 3 bar, volume 8 litres
Opening pressure of the safety valve 3 bar


1. Solar collector
2. Pump
3. Reverse valve
4. Flow reducer
5. Air gauge
6. Safety valve
7. Expansion container
8. Filling valve of the collector
9. Expansion container console
10. TCU control unit
11. Heat sensor
12. Heat sensor for warm household water
13. Solar boiler NEFIT
14. Draining valve
15. Automatic deaerating device
16. Termostatic mixer
17. Filling combination
18. Boiler Nefit HRC


The price of Nefit EcomSolar 2-120 is approx. 3 000 € without VAT.
The price of Nefit EcomSolar 2-300 is approx. 4 165 € without VAT.

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